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Tammy discovered the art of scrapbooking in the early months of 2002, and was invited to join the team at one of Vermont's first scrapbook stores as an instructor that same year. Tammy has continued to provide scrapbook instruction ever since then, with more than 3 years spent teaching at another of Vermont's scrapbook stores... one of the largest in New England. She has taught several classes over the last 4 years at various weekend scrapbooking retreats, and was successful in leading two classes at the 2007 Creating Keepsakes Convention in Manchester NH. Tammy attended the Creating Keepsakes University in Boston, MA in 2003, where she had the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques with several days of high quality hands on education. Tammy was competitively selected to serve as a design team member for two online retailers and one manufacturer between the years of 2003 and 2005, and her creations have been represented in multiple publications. In February of 2004, Pretty Paper Designs was established, offering custom scrapbook design to individuals committed to preserving memories to share both today and tomorrow. In the spring of 2008, Pretty Paper Designs will launch the sale of kits. Though Tammy is still available for private and group instruction, the creation of these custom designed kits is a class of sorts (delivered to you!)... complete with just about everything one will need to complete the project, and supported with detailed images and instruction. And Tammy is, just as she always has been, available by phone or email for those requiring a bit of extra support.


"One of my most favorite things to do as a child was to visit my grandparents on the weekends. I spent the better part of my childhood doing just that... watching (and helping) my grandmother create and prepare her handcrafts which would later be taken to church for sale at the annual bazaar. She was the most talented and gifted person I knew. I was knee high to a grasshopper, and she hung the the moon. And canned a pretty good pickle, too! Today her passion for crafting is alive and well... busy as a bee creating quilt after quilt. And I still think she is all that.

Making things is just part of who I am. Capturing the photo, designing the project and creating the art... it's a satisfying and comforting process. I'm proud to be telling the stories, preserving memories for my children, and theirs to come. It's one of the most important things I can do for them".


Mother of three and step-mom to two. Married to my 6' 6" tattooed and crazy funny sweetie for 10 years. Developmental Home Provider. Diet Coke, everyday. Want an organized house... living with and learning to accept the opposite. Fresh corn, and hand picked fruits. Imperfect finds from the flea market. Whoopie pies. Rain. Nostalgic. Photography. Lemon meringue pie. Camping. Chartreuse, robins egg blue, and brown. Hate the cold, but love New England.